Monday, June 9, 2014

Assembling the Conference Room

Nearly every office has a conference room. Everybody knows something is up when employees are summoned there for various matters. If your team has secured abundant space for a conference room and need to get it up and running fast, you must act quickly with help from your preferred office furniture provider.

Spacing is a key element when choosing the furniture for the conference room. For instance, the big table should have around four feet clearance from the walls to allow for easy passage of employees. This is critical during audiovisual presentations; you do not want an employee suddenly passing in front of a display and obscuring it. If you are using the room for AV presentations or conference calls, choose a table that has a center opening to accommodate the wiring for the devices and use protective planks for the wires so nobody trips them over.
Even when you have chosen a large table as the room’s centerpiece, you must check how many chairs can be mated to it and still have enough elbow room for the sitting attendees. If you envision the conference room as a place for long planning sessions, the chairs themselves must be of exceptional quality and have ergonomic features. A credenza in a part of the room can double as a table for other items.

A well-designed conference room can help your employees communicate better. Who knows what ideas you’ll come up with in there?  

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