Sunday, November 23, 2014

Office Layout and Productivity

It has often been said that the way a company’s office is laid out directly affects employee performance, and the results of various studies and surveys, some of which are discussed below, would bear this out.
Stats and Facts
Numerous studies have found out that a comfortable, well-ventilated and adequately lit office amps up employee productivity and job satisfaction by 16 and 24 percent, respectively, significantly reducing absenteeism among workers. It’s not hard to see why—an engaging, lively workplace is something almost everyone would look forward to.

Most companies tend to weigh the quality of the work environment against cost, assuming that every employee desires adequate space and better views. As a result, the most desires workplaces are awarded to the most tenured employees, following the so-called hierarchal process. Decisions on office layout also tend to be made with little employee input.
Is employee input necessary?
Most experts advise that company CEOs or other top officials should always put effort on maintaining open lines of communication among employees in planning seating. While this may seem tedious at the beginning due to the processes and resources involved, its proven effectiveness could certainly pay off in the end.

Simply put, an office’s layout can significantly contribute to making or breaking a business. If the employees do not like the environment they work in, they’re less motivated to perform well or even go to work every day. When that happens, the effect on the bottom line can be far-reaching.

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