Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Consider an Open Office Layout for Happier Workers

Unhappy workers? An open office lay-out may solve your problems. This consists of multiple, non-territorial working areas where employees are free to roam and communicate with each other.

Unfortunately, recent studies found that workers who work in open offices were more likely to have health and productivity problems. Given this, businesses may want to come up with better Denver office furniture and workspace layouts.

It all starts with buying the most ergonomic office furniture and equipment. Simply put, office chairs, desks, shelves, and the like must be easy to work with and comfortable to use. That said, ergonomics should not come at the expense of quality as flimsy office furniture not only incur greater maintenance and upkeep costs but also pose hazards. A general rule of thumb businesses should follow is that any furniture item designed for home use should never be installed in the workplace.

As any dealer of office furniture in Denver, Colorado would agree, businesses should also consider employees’ individual needs. Those with a history of back pain, for instance, can benefit from chiropractic chairs and adjustable work tables. The rest of the workplace can be enhanced with a vibrant design theme that promotes comfort and creativity by means of quality lighting fixtures and brightly colored furniture. A cellular layout, where workers have their own private places, may also be more desirable, as is a team office where employees share workspaces.

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