Monday, December 8, 2014

2014 Furniture Trends Set to Stay Big in 2015

The past year was an awesome time for conference room design projects. Super cool design trends came plenty, effectively helping businesses raise the level of their office meeting spaces to new heights. Here are some of the most captivating conference room office furniture trends of 2014 that are sure to remain popular this year and beyond.

Elliptical Tables

Elliptical tables were a hot commodity in the 2014 office furniture market. Apparently, a lot of businesses felt that rectangular, oblong, and round table shapes were far too overused. One major benefit of this design, apart from the sleekness and elegance, is that it offers space-saving advantages that allow businesses to maximize conference room square footage.

Metal-legged Furniture

The industrial look was hugely popular this past year. More than ever, businesses were looking for conference tables and chairs with metal legs. You’d think that such furniture were expensive, but surprisingly enough, they’re often more affordable than laminate and wood-based options. Affordability is probably what helped this trend gain massive appeal.

Modular Pieces

Modular pieces allowed for conference rooms to be versatile, multi-purpose work areas. Often reasonably priced, modular furniture sets generally come in really cool configurations ready to meet a variety of office applications at any given time. 

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