Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Create a More Productive Workspace

Ergonomics play a vital role in the workplace, and often, workplaces that are not ergonomic-friendly reduce employee motivation; in these workplaces, the rules of ergonomics—or the principles of comfort through design—are often overlooked, which, expectedly, cause all sorts of physical ailments to employees, such as back pain. Here’s a checklist to ensure that your office becomes a workplace that will empower your employees and help drive their productivity:
Good furniture
What makes good furniture? Good furniture supports a user’s proper posture as a means to avoid upper limb disorders—pain felt in the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands and fingers. They become repetitive strain injuries because of monotonous work and improper posture. Always consider giving your workers well-designed ergonomic desk chairs in which they can sit all day long comfortably. Curvy and rounded furniture are often found to be cozy enough to project positive feelings to the user, enough to drive his productivity.
Workspace design
Workspaces should give employees room to move about freely. Within their workspaces, they should be able to move both their arms and legs, as well as change positions. Avoiding cramped spaces helps decrease the risk of muscle strains.
Equipment conveniently placed
Work tools should also be placed within reach of the user at his workplace. Having the shelves too high or power cables that are too low to reach will, over time, strain the employee.
The best lighting is adjustable. Giving employees some options to adjust the direction of their lighting fixture, as well as the ability to adjust their visual surroundings by providing dividers or blinds will help them avoid straining their eyes as they work with the monitor. Playing with colors such as blue and green, and placing them strategically in the workplace, are found to make employees more innovative, while red motivates employees doing more detail-oriented tasks.

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