Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Open Offices versus Cubicles

When it comes to setting up your office, there’s a lot more to think about than just your choice of used office furniture. You should also keep in mind what layout you want to utilize. More specifically, you’ll have to choose between having an open office versus sticking to the more traditional cubicle layout.
Cost: Open Office
Open offices can help you save up so much more of your resources than cubicles, for obvious reasons. Not only are those large dividers a cost you can do away with, but their absence could actually mean you can maximize space within your office. This benefits startup companies that don’t exactly have a lot to spend on a large office just yet.
Phone Calls: Cubicles
If most of your employees are working with different phone lines simultaneously, open office settings might not be the smartest idea. Noise can easily distract your workers, and it might even cause miscommunication somewhere along the way.
Socialization: Open Office
For the most part, socialization in open offices are more work-oriented, since everybody has that feeling of being constantly monitored, thus making it an efficient setup to encourage productivity. Cubicles, on the other hand, tend to pave the way for gossip and non-work related talk.

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