Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Office Furniture

The quality of office furniture can make or break employee productivity, according to numerous studies. As such, buying office furniture requires some thought and a keen eye for ergonomic values. When buying office furniture for your employees, here are some tips to keep in mind—and common mistakes to avoid:
Choosing looks over comfort – What’s a pretty chair or table if a person can’t work fully in it? When choosing furniture for the office, employers must always put the comfort of their employees, clients, and guests up front. Ergonomics, or the knowledge of comfort, is vital in choosing furniture that can be truly functional and useful.
Buying without a plan – Impulse buying and furniture purchases don’t go together, and they never will. Employers need to weigh the viability of choosing furniture that fits their budget while considering quality and long-term service. Aside from functionality, buying based on the office’s existing interior design should also be factored in. Nobody would really want an ill-fitting, Victorian-styled chair on a modern-looking metal desk.
Price over quality – As with other purchases, the cheapest is not often the smartest choice. For instance, choosing the cheaper one from a choice of two identical chairs may not be a better buy where the more expensive one may cost a bit more because it will last longer and have more in it in terms of ergonomics value than the less-expensive chair. Over the long term, the more costly one would have made itself well worth the purchase.

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